Training is the treasure.  Welcome to the Great River Taoist Center Twin Cities website.  Here you will find information about our practice,  instruction, and upcoming events.

Movement is medicine.  Learn taiji and neigong to maintain and improve immune wellness in these challenging times.  Warm weather is around the corner.  Join us for our outdoor park practice!  See schedule for details.

Gongfu for functional fitness.  Find out about  our Pak Mei and Wing Chun training programs.  Conditioning exercises, forms, solo/partnered drills, and sparring.  Traditional training for today’s application.

Ask about our Chinese swordsmanship training program for saber, straight sword, long sword, stick, and spear.  Move beyond the form with basic cuts, partner drills, test cutting, and free play.

Distance training programs available.  Online tutoring is a great supplement to in class practice.  Contact grtcmsp@gmail.com for more information on private, group, and online lessons.