Programs of Study, Practice, and Certification

Yangshi Taijiquan (Yang Style Tai Chi Boxing)

Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (Yang Family Closed Door Tai Chi Boxing)

Yangjia Jianfa (Yang Family Chinese Swordsmanship)

Leung Sheung Wing Chun Kuen ( Leung Sheung Spring Song Boxing)

Lam Hung Pak Mei Pai (Lam Hung White Eyebrow Sect)

Sanda (Free Hit Kickboxing)

Jin Shan Pai Neigong (Gold Mountain Sect of Inner Alchemy)

Baduanjin (Eight Section of Brocade Silk)

Ng Muifa Heigung (Five Petal Plum Blossom Kidney Breathing)

Tao Yin Yoga (Daoist Yoga)

Massage (tui na, an mo, acupressure)





For more information on our online, private, and group instruction training programs contact grtcmsp@gmail.com.  Training is the treasure.